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Written by Kerry Knoll on June 19, 2019
Some of you may or may not be familiar with the term I’ve coined, “Micro Automated Services”. Micro Automated Services are digital marketing services you can offer to local business owners for $99-$199 per month and are ‘set and forget’ which makes them scalable without increasing your workload.
Written by Kerry Knoll on April 26th, 2018
Have you ever noticed that most websites are just plain awful?

And I don’t even mean from an aesthetics point of view, but rather they just don’t convey what the business is really about or what they offer (products or services).
Written by Kerry Knoll on February 15th, 2018
Today I’m going to talk about how to launch a successful social media marketing agency.

If you’re new or a veteran to running your own marketing agency you’ll want to take some notes as the information I’m about to share here can help you be more successful in your business.
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